DollyOlli's  cartoonish naive Sculpture/Design was launched in 2010.​ ​DollyOlli is a collaboration between Olivier Adam (French) and Marie Brenneis (British)

Olivier Adam is a self-taught Sculptor and Designer. His influences come from Comics, Kawaii, Pop and Humour . Blurring the line between art and design, Olivier loves creating functional sculptures and believes the functional should playful and sensual. 

Olivier is currently sculpting using CO2 absorbing sculpting material, a mixture of lime which naturally absorbs CO2, added to a by-product of the steel industry with well known cementitious properties (GGBS) and sand.
This new approach to the material used for the sculptures, is born from a growing concern in relation to his own  carbon footprint and the waste created as a result of his practice. In this drive to reduce his environmental impact, Olivier is also moving away from using extensive and wasteful moulding techniques, to create sculpture with minimal or even positive impact on the environment, whilst also making public spaces more inviting and fun to be in. Olivier refutes the idea that environmentally minded materials have to be colourless and use water based striking colours. Indeed, we believe that colours represent different aspects of the soul and that is why colour make us feel happier. Colours act as perceptual openers as they enter immediately into our  perception. 

Marie Brenneis is a Surrealist Visual Artist. Her background is in Fine Art,  Photography and choreography. She explores the growth of neutral aesthetics and extensively works with colour, and states how in western society, colour holds certain associations. It appears the use of colour has been made evil, compared to neutrals, and applying bright colours has become associated with a saccharine quality, artificial, cartoonish and naive.